Majoring In Death

“MAJORING IN DEATH is a completed, 75,000 word New Adult paranormal novel in which eight college students are chosen to become Celestials—without their knowledge.

Alex Rush can’t imagine anything worse than becoming a socialite like her mother. That’s why she chose a college in a small town, with the friends she made on her own—she wants to escape the destiny laid out by her family. Luckily, the universe has other plans: Alex is chosen to become Death, one of the eight Collective Portents, and she’s not the only one. Juggling new supernatural powers and responsibilities with homework and new relationships is hard enough, but Alex’s best friend is changing more than any of them.

The Apocalypse is looming, and it can’t be stopped while Life and Death are at odds.

MAJORING IN DEATH can be read as a standalone, with great series potential.”

Okay, it has more than potential. I’m currently working on the sequel, outlining and such. But that little bit up there is the basic template for any query I put forth. Some of it is practice at writing summaries (since those things need to be brief enough to fit on a back cover or inside flap). Some of it was figuring out what the most important parts of the book are and boiling them down to the absolute essentials. Funnily enough, one of the biggest changes for my protagonist isn’t even mentioned—though I think that’s more to do with her own lack of perception than anything else. She doesn’t even notice what’s changed until the first part of the story is almost over…

But that would be telling.

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